About Shintogo Swords

Born from the desire for quality swords at a reasonable price.  We not only love our swords, we use them on a daily basis.  Our quality control and lead designer Dan Bernardo has been a practicing swordsman for almost 20 years.  Shintogo Swords is committed to bringing you the very best swords.  With intense attention to detail we make sure our Katana are wrapped and fitted properly and ready for you to use for years to come.

Shintogo Kunimitsu

We take our name with highest respect and regards to a famous Japanese swordsmith of the same name.  Shintōgo Kunimitsu (新藤五国光) was especially famous for making Tanto. He is the founder of the Soshu-den tradition. Usually he used suguha Hamon. The oldest date of his work is 1293. He was active during the Einin, Shōwa and Enkyō periods, generally acknowledged to be the teacher of master swordsmiths Masamune, Yukiimitsu and Norishige. This is due to various similarities in style and workmanship that indicate that Masamune was almost certainly his student.



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